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What if you had the dementia risk and mental sharpness of someone 10-20 years younger?
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Your BetterBrain journey

Brain health in today's healthcare system is full of outdated practices, long lines, and unnecessary complexity.
BetterBrain complements your existing clinical care and makes the cutting edge simple and accessible.
health assessment
Step 1

Establish a baseline

Complete your blood draw, cognitive test, and risk assessment - all from the comfort of your home.
Step 2

Understand and plan

Visualize your results and see your top opportunities in plain English. Create a personalized protocol that fits your biology, constraints, and lifestyle.
action plan
Step 3

Act on your plan

Put your plan into practice and let us help you stay on track. Access curated products and more advanced clinical services if needed.
reassess and adapt
Step 4

Reassess and adapt

Track your progress over time and adapt your plan accordingly. Allow us to support you throughout your journey.

BetterBrain in detail

BetterBrain comes in two steps


Get a comprehensive brain check-up from the convenience of your home
cognitive assessments
Unlimited cognitive assessments
Unlimited access to 15-minute scientifically validated, gamified test
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Act on your results using a tailored protocol and expert guidance
Results dashboard
Understand your health with plain english interpretations, visualize your  biology, and track your results
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expert consultation
1-on-1 expert consultation
One-hour session with a brain health expert to understand your results and co-create your protocol
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Are Alzheimer's disease and other dementias preventable?

While there is no cure for Alzheimer's disease, the science around prevention has progressed tremendously over the past few years, as detailed in our Science section. A landmark study suggested that ~40% of cases are preventable, but many experts believe this might be closer to 60% given they did not consider important factors such as sleep, hyperhomocysteinemia, among others. What's more, implementing these brain health strategies has clear short term cognitive benefits (25% improvement per the landmark FINGER study) and improves many other aspects of your health.

What are some things I can do to reduce my risk of developing dementia?

While it may not be satisfying, the reality is that "it depends". There are 100+ potential interventions, but to find the 3-5 most effective ones it is critical to understand your biology — hence why BetterBrain does extensive blood biomarker testing among other assessments.

I get lab tests every year at my annual physical. How is this different?

BetterBrain's battery of tests is completely different than what primary care physicians typically order. Our panel has been carefully assembled and vetted by leading physicians to provide a comprehensive view of your brain health. Unfortunately, many of these tests are inaccessible to most people given doctors are typically less focused on long term prevention, and insurance companies require "medical necessity" which usually requires existing symptoms.

How soon after joining can I get tested?

Typically within a few days. As soon as you're signed up, you can schedule your mobile phlebotomy appointment. You can also complete your cognitive assessment and self-assessment immediately.

How long after testing will I get my results?

Your bloodwork will typically be available within a week of your blood draw. Once ready, you will recieve an email to view your results directly on our platform.

Is BetterBrain right for me?

BetterBrain was designed for anyone interested in improving their brain health — both reducing dementia risk and improving cognitive function. We find that people who benefit the most typically have  (1) a family history of dementia / Alzheimer's, OR (2) 1 or 2 copies of the APOE4 gene, OR (3) have been experiencing some level of cognitive decline they would like to address.

I already have my own doctor, how does BetterBrain fit in?

BetterBrain aims to integrate seamlessly into your existing care and help you navigate the broader healthcare system. We do not intend to replace the work of your physician and believe it is important for all to maintain a relationship with a primary care doctor and/or a neurologist.

Does BetterBrain diagnose Alzheimer's or other dementias?

Although BetterBrain can help you unlock a wealth of data about your health and biology, we do not diagnose any conditions. In other words, BetterBrain is not a substitute to medical care. Instead, we encourage to you use the information you learn through BetterBrain to have a thoughtful discussion with your physician to receive any diagnoses and come up with a clinical path forward.

Who will have access to my results?

We restrict access to results on a need-to-know basis. Namely, your results are available only to you, the ordering physician (who will contact you directly for any critical results), and your brain health expert if you are receiving coaching. Besides that, nobody has access to your health data.

How do you keep my health information safe?


We know your health data is some of your most valuable information. That's why we hold a high bar for data privacy and security, and composed a team of experienced leaders who have built secure data systems in the past:

  • One of our co-founders built a secure healthcare platform containing data from over 140M Americans and 7 of the largest health systems in the country
  • Our chief engineer built the data infrastructure that housed 15% of all COVID test results in the US, including for members of congress and the Department of Defense. Through his work with electronic health record companies, he ensured the security of ~10% of the US population's healthcare data.

All of BetterBrain's staff are trained on HIPAA regulations, and we use these experts' technical knowledge to constantly enhance our digital, physical, and administrative security measures.

Please refer our privacy notice for more information.

Can I delete my data?

Yes you can. BetterBrain exists to help you identify and understand your health data. We know that this is some of the most important information you have, and it is 100% yours - and nobody else's. You can delete your data anytime you like by contacting us. Please know that we delete your data permanently. Once it's gone, we will not be able to get it back if you change your mind.

Will a clinician be reviewing my results?

Yes, a medical doctor will review results from your lab tests and call you directly if there are any critical values in your results. Additionally, your results will be interpreted directly on our app and by your health coach, who is a Registered Nurse.

Who are the BetterBrain health coaches?

Our head coach is a Registered Nurse and a specialist in neurology and intensive care. She has previously worked at the Mayo Clinic and the Emory University Health System, and was a frontline ICU nurse during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What time commitment does BetterBrain require?

Our entire assessment process typically takes under an hour (~15 min for at-home blood test, <15 min for cognitive assessment, and <10 min for the self-assessment). However, the real work starts post-assessment. While many interventions are quick and easy (e.g., new supplement routine), others may require more effort (e.g., optimizing sleep). That said, we work hard to ensure you find things that are enjoyable and beneficial to many other aspects of your life.

How does BetterBrain's money-back guarantee work?

We firmly believe in the effectiveness of our approach, so much so that we're prepared to stake our own resources on it. We will issue a 100% refund if you are unsatisfied for any reason; we just ask that you share which aspects you were unsatisfied with.

Is BetterBrain covered by insurance?

BetterBrain is not reimbursable by insurance. This means we can offer you full transparency on our prices: no deductibles, no copays, no surprise bills.

Do I need a referral to join BetterBrain?

No. BetterBrain is right for anyone looking to improve their brain health and brain performance. The sooner you set a baseline understanding for your body, the easier it will be to see your health trends and take action.

Where is BetterBrain available?

BetterBrain is currently available in all US states except for NY, NJ, and RI. We are working to make BetterBrain available in those three states as well.
Other questions? Feel free to contact us